Langbo Machinery provides high quality plastic extruders for Single Screw and Twin Screw solutions, with a focus on the high quality and plasticizing efficiency. We customize the extruder screw design conforming to the raw material combination ensuring homogeneous mixture and better plastification.

Products Details

What does extruder do? 

Extruder is a the core of the whole production line. In the production process, the extruder plays the transporting and plasticizing function. Through feeder, the powder pulling into the screw and barrel part, it is heated, mixed and extruded into definite product. A good extrude will ensure the consistent production and saving more energy in the continuous extrusion.

Extruder Components

➢ Gearbox Extruder features ABB/Siemens motor&drive.

➢ Screw&barrel Our extruder utilize the high quality screw& barrel.

➢ HMI/P: C Our extruder has a 12 inch HMI comprised of components from Siemens/Omron.

➢ Electronics Our Extruders offer Siemens/Schneider Electronics.

Product detail drawing

Conical twin screw extruder

Details of the second stage extruder

Flange surface by nickel-coating treatment

Integrated vertical type gearbox

Motor power

Overview Conical twin screw extruder

Single Screw Extruder

Price factor: Single screw extruder is cheaper and simpler inner structure. Plasticizing factor: The single screw extruder is more suitable for extrusion and processing of granular materials. It has little shear degradation of the polymer but long residence time of the material in the extruder. Processing capacity and energy consumption: Single screw extruder has lower extruder output, extrusion speed, energy consumption and per unit of output. Operability: Single screw extruder is easy manipulation and simple process control. Common materials: PE PPR

Twin Screw Extruder

Price factor: Twin screw extruder is more expensive and has complicated inner structure. Plasticizing factor: The twin screw extruder has good mixing and plasticizing ability, short residence time of material in the extruder. It is more suitable for powder processing. Processing capacity and energy consumption: Twin screw extruder has better extruder output, extrusion speed, energy consumption and per unit of output. Operability: Twin screw extruder is difficult manipulation and complex process control. Common materials: PVC

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