LB-PET Bottle Washing& Recycling Line

The complete recycling production for wasted PET includes of two parts which the first part is crushing, washing and drying production line with the final products is clean PET flakes and the second part is pelletizing extrusion for clean flake with its final products is PET pellet.

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Pet bottle washing line machinery

The processing procedure of the complete washing line for PET consists of sorting - label removing–crushing–floating washer with cold water - agitating washer with hot water- floating washer with cold water - centrifugal drying - label separating again–collection.

Production capacity

 The production capacity can be 300kg/hr, 500kg/hr, 1000kg/hr, 1500kg/hr and 2000kg/hr. NOTE:Depending on material shape, some units involved in complete line will be changed and available.

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Cold washing recycling

Crush & hot washing recycling

Crusher & hot washing

High speed friction & cold washing recycling

High speed friction washing

Hot washing & high speed friction recycling

PET bottle recycling is a meaningful and profitable part in the plastic recycling. Most of the drinking bottle is PET. Through crushing the wasted PET bottle, label removing, hot and cold washing, we can get clean and small pieces plastic flakes.

Langbo Machinery has over 12 years experience in the PET washing& recycling lines. We offer the recycling line to industry worldwide, and our recycling program is designed to reduce operating costs and obtain quality PET flakes.

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What's included?

➢ Belt Conveyor& Crusher Putting the waste PET bottle on the conveyor, they are transporting the waste into the following process.

➢ Trommel Separator A large, slow rotating machine utilized to remove small pieces of contamination. At the core of the trommel separator is a large mesh screen tunnel that rotates between 6-10 rotations per minute. The hole of this tunnel are small enough so the PET bottles will not fall down. But the small particles of contamination will fall into the separator.

➢ Label Separator The stream of plastic leaving the crusher is PET flakes, plastic label and PP/PE rigid plastics from the bottle caps. Figuring out the mixed stream, label separator is essential where a column of pressed air blows away the lighter label and plastic film into a separate collection tank.

➢ Hot Washer It is a water tank full of hot water, the stream of flakes was washed using the boiling water which sterilized and further gets rid of contaminants such as glues(from the labels being glued on the bottle), grease/oils, and difficult to remove left-overs(beverage/ food).

➢ High-Speed Friction Washer A secondary friction washer(colder washer) is used to cool and further clean the PET flakes in a scrubbing manner.

➢ Dewatering Dryer The de-watering machine uses centrifugal or spining force to remove a portion of the flakes. It's a cost-effective way to get rid of the water covering on the PET flakes. It can save much more energy.


Applicable material: PET, ABS, PC, etc.. Materials shape: bottles, scraps, etc..

Process of the PET bottle washing 

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