LB-PVC/PE Drainage&Sewage Pipe Production line

LB Machinery offers complete production line for PVC/PE Drainage& Sewage Pipe ranging from 50mm to 1200mm.

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➢ Twin screw/Single screw extruder machine For PVC drainage& sewage pipe suitable for inner building, our twin screw design is customized based on the material combination our clients require,ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and efficiency. Concerning HDPE drainage& sewage suitable for outer building or under-earth, our single screw concept is better for plasticizing HDPE pellets. ➢ Vacuum & cooling tank All of our vacuum and cooling tanks are manufactured from 304 quality stainless material to prevent rusting. Our vacuum tanks are digitally controlled allowing for a completely automated process. ➢ Haul off (puller) machine Our Pipe Haul-Offs machine are servo motor driven to increase precision and production speed. Our Haul-Offs utilize a unique mechanism to prevent pipe ovality while our unique belt design assures proper pulling without slippage. A scale mark label is attached with the Haul-off machine, convenient for various mark adjustment and easier operation. ➢ Cutter machine We offer swarfless cutter and plantary cutter for option, max size of chiliess cutter upto 200mm, plantary cutter with flexible clamping structure,dust removal system with good sealing performance, clean cut and good synchronization. ➢ Tipping table Our Tipping table is made by 304 quality stainless material of iron structure, sturdy structure and heavy load bearing. Our rubber wheel steady hold the pipe product without scratch risk.LB Machinery offers complete production line for PVC/PE Drainage& Sewage Pipe ranging from 50mm to 1200mm. The drainage& sewage pipe used for transporting water without pressure. Therefore, the raw material can be PVC or HDPE. Our flexible approach allows our customers to have unique and customized pipe extrusion solutions tailored to their needs. Our extrusion components are all crafted with top brand components to ensure production stability, efficiency and machine durability. All of temperature controllers will be OMRON and all of electrical parts will be Siemens or Schneider.

LB Machinery PVC/HDPE Drainage& Sewage Pipe Extrusion Line

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