LB-Strand Cutting Granulating Line

This line is mainly used for producing pellets. Through extruding, making stand, cooling and cutting into pellets, the storage of the pipes raw material is more convenient. In the recent years, the sales market for pellets is also excellent. Our granulating line used including extruder, cooling tank, air knife, pelletizer and vibration sieve. All the components are top-brand quality and long working lifetime.

Products Details


Model Diameter(mm) L/D Speed(rpm) Power(kw) Output(kg/h)
LB40-B 41 24-80 ~600 30~37 100~130
LB52-B 51.4 24-80 ~600 55~75 150~250
LB65-B 62.4 24-80 ~600 90~110 300~400
LB75-B 71 24-80 ~600 132~160 400~500
LB85-B 81 24-80 ~600 220~250 700~800
LB95-B 93 24-80 ~600 280~315 900~1000
LB110-B 110 24-80 ~600 400~450 1000~1500
Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

Line Details

Air Knife High speed knife for strand dewateringParallel Twin Screw Extruder Heavy Load Gearbox for reliable running High precise screw part for excellent screw building High quality electrical parts and worldwide famous brand for drive unit Easy Temperature setting and indication Degassing section for tailored processing demandHydraulic Melt filter Mould 304 Steel screens with tailored mesh size Hydraulic plate or cylinder filter body available Bronze heater for high heating efficiencyWater Tank Tempering Water cycle for evenly temperature distribution and well cooling effect Strand Holders adjust strand in the water for cooling and out of the water for drying Advanced manufacture technology for robust structure and precise adjustmentPelletizer Pelletizers are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Pelletizing blades and die are made of special alloy steels and coatings according to the type of plastic. By mobile parts, maintenance period is minimized. Speed control for pelletizing blades enables changing granule size during operation.Vibration Sieve Granules’ size controlled by vibration sieve too small or too big granules will be flited out. The only granules, which fit the size requirement will be transported into storage silo by air.


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