LB-WaterRing Cutting Granulating Line

This line is mainly used for producing pellets by waterring cutting method. In front of the extruder is a waterring granulator. After cutting, the round pellets was thrown into the water tank. Cooling and vibrating, the pellets were clean and dry. In the recent years, the sales market for pellets is also excellent. By waterring cutting granulating, the quality of the pellets is even and east to store.

Products Details


Model LBWR-80 LBWR-100 LBWR-140 LBWR-160 LBWR-180
Screw Model 80/38:1 100/38:1 140/38:1 160/38:1 180/38:1
Throughput(kg) 120-160 260-400 450-600 600-800 800-1000
Motor Power(kW) 55 110 200 250 315
Build-in Compactor Stator and rotor cutting the raw material. The friction of material scraps increase temperature in compactor. The high temperature helps the material with moisture reducing and dust separation from material scraps. The Degassing device let the moisture out of the compactor and provide the material with better situation for further processing

Line Details

Automatic Conveyor AC Driver controlled conveyor driven motor Metal detector as optional controls the action of conveyor with warning and stop. The feeding conveyor controlled by AC Driver feeding speed depends on the real-time capacity of compactor.Storage Silo Final Granules will be stored in silo. Based on demand the on-line monitoring and weighting system will can be applied.Single screw Extruder Application proved matching of screw and motor for stable production and long service time. High quality screw material and Bi-metal processing for high effective extrusion and long working time.Hydraulic Melt filter Mould 304 Steel screens with tailored mesh size Hydraulic plate or cylinder filter body available. Bronze heater for high heating efficiency Full automatic screen changing system optionalWater-Ring Granulator Contact pressure between rotary knife and die face is monitored for long cutting time and high quality of granules. The rotation speed of knife is based on melt pressure and automatically adjusted. The rotary knife device is adjustable for maintenance. The easy replacement of knifes saves time by maintenance.Vibration Sieve Two Functions, Dewatering and Size Control, for Vibration Sieve: After water-ring granulating the granules are transported in water. In Vibration Sieve the water flows away and the granules stay for further step. Granules’ size controlled by vibration sieve too small or too big granules will be flited out. The only granules, which fit the size requirement will be transported into storage silo by air.Drying System For drying of granules, the centrifuge-drying and air-transporting concept is applied. The Granules will be transported with air into storage silo and material moisture will be less than 1%.


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