LB_75-315mm HDPE Multi layer Pipe Extrusion Machine

With vast experience in the HDPE single and multi layer pipe extrusion field, our company made a 75-315mm HDPE pipe extrusion machine line. We adopt 160kw motor, Flender gearbox, Siemens PLC control system. For the multi layer HDPR pipe, inner and outer layer used virgin material and the medium layer used recycling material. It is a good way to save the capital of the raw material.

Products Details

LB-63 20-63 SJ65/33 55AC
LB-110 20-110 SJ65/33 55AC
LB-160 75-160 SJ75/33 90AC
LB-250 90-250 SJ75/33 110DC
LB-315 110-315 SJ90/33 160DC



Line Details

Co-extrusion extruder Making the multi-layer HDPE pipe, three extruders were needed. The main extruder is extruding the inner and outer layer with 160kw. Another is extruding the medium layer with 75kw. Another small extruder is line maker extruder. All the electrical elements were Schneider.Vacuum and cooling tank  

This line adopts 6m vacuum and 8m cooling tank equipped with 2 vacuum pumps and 4 water pumps. The cooling tanks have enough nozzles continuously providing cold water to cool the pipe. After enough length of the pipe, the product is smooth and sturdy.


The mould has spacious flow channel design to guarantee high extrusion capacity and good melting effect. It is made and inspected by the experienced manufacturer. The optimized temperature control and flow channel design ensures precise melt temperature control.

Laser Printer

The laser printer has smart system and encoder. It will be automatically printing at the exact length. We just program it and it will print the logo, type, diameter and any other needed.

Haul-off Unit The three caterpillar haul-off machine ensures the HDPE pipe running stably and steady. Our unique haul-off design assures proper pulling without slippage. And the control speed is program and automatically control as the extruding speed.Cutting Unit

We offers no-dust cutting method. The sharp cut ensure the smooth of the pipe and the cutting action happens automatically.

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